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Take a look at our Bridge House Mojito, Davitt’s Quay Nightcap, and Abbeyside Martini below.

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Enjoy our exclusive his and her’s Valentine’s cocktails this Valentine’s weekend:

14th and 15th February. 


30ml  Ketle Vodka
20ml Creme de cacao white
5ml Creme de fraíse 
2 fresh strawberries
10ml sugar syrup
25ml egg white


40ml Pussers rum
20ml Creme de Cacao
25ml freshly squeezed lime juice
15ml Chilli syrup

Garnish: Ginger Praline
Bridge House Mojito


• 50ml White Rum

• 25ml Lime Juice

• 20ml Brown Sugar Sugar Syrup

• 1 slice Ginger

• 2 slices red chilli (seedless)

• 6 Mint leaves

• Top-up Ginger Beer

Method: Muddle and Shake then Fine Strain add Crushed ice and top-up.
Vessel: Cooper Highball.
Garnish: Mint Bouquet, Chilli-head, Ginger slice (slim).

Davitt’s Quay Nightcap


• 50ml Golden Rum

• 5ml Apple Juice

• 15ml Chai Syrup

• 25ml Lime Juice

• 2 teaspoon Earl Grey Tea

Method: Shake
Vessel: Nick & Nora
Garnish: Brandied Cherry
Abbeyside Martini


• 50ml Vodka

• 20ml Cointreau

• 15ml Chai Syrup (Homemade)

• 25ml Lime Juice

Method: Shake and Fine Strain
Vessel: Nude Coupe
Garnish: 2x Absinthe flambé, Pineapple chunks
Finsceal Beo Spritz


•35ml Sloe Gin

•25ml Lillet Blanc

•20ml Lemon Juice

•15ml Pink Grapefruit Sherbet(Homemade)

•3 drops Plum Bitters

•3 drops Orange Bitters

•Top up with Perlage Organic Sparkling Wine

Method: Build
Vessel: long Highball + Ice Cubes
Garnish: Lemon Peel
Al Eile Fizz


•10ml Pear Puree

•Top-up with Perlage Organic Sparkling Wine

Method: Stir pear puree and a bit of sparkling wine in a tin. Then pour in a chilled flute and top-up with sparkling wine.
Vessel: Waterford Diamond Flute
Garnish: Little Message