At a meeting in November 1858, the Catholic young men’s society decided the church street premises were unsuitable and unfitting and hence they set up a committee to raise funds to build a New Town Hall and society rooms. According to Cork Examiner 1861, the site of a New Town Hall was purchased in fee from the Duke of Devonshire.

In April 1862, Basil Holmes of the London and South of Ireland Telegraph Company contacted the Dungarvan Town Commissioners who approved the first telecommunications room in Dungarvan to be constructed in the basement of this very building. Many years later, when the Free State troops arrived in Dungarvan on 16th August 1922, they occupied numerous buildings including the provincial Bank on the site.


In January 1978, the bank advertised the sale of the premises, where it was acquired by Waterford Foods for £140,000. It later was used as a local art gallery and studio. This iconic building of history as recently acquired by property developer Mr Michael Ryan and was completely restored to the splendour you see here today.

Throughout the refurbishment we have worked closely with the local community to make sure that the historical artefacts and commissioned pieces of art are displayed within the remarkable iconic building. Close care has been taken to ensure the building’s original Cumbrian stonework has been preserved. Most ceramics and tableware have been designed and commissioned, while the garments the team proudly wear have been specially designed by renowned international Fashion designer Anthony Price and tailored in Hong-Kong for each individual.