What We Do

The Old Bank Dungarvan, a modern Italian restaurant

Whether it’s high-end dining, delicious takeaways or the popular Waterford blaa that customers are craving, Dungarvan has it all. Dungarvan has been nominated as Ireland’s Foodie Town as they have the best restaurants and cuisines to offer their guests. 

The Old Bank Dungarvan, a modern Italian restaurant with traditional values is nestled in Waterford, Ireland, providing its guests authentic cuisines prepared with the freshest ingredients. When selecting a fine dining restaurant, guests usually look for a combination of delicious food, good service and exquisite ambiance. The great ambience of The Old Bank Dungarvan has elegant lighting that matches the ethos of the Italian cuisine that they offer their guests which will leave them mesmerized. The Old Bank Dungarvan, offers its guests quality food accompanied with excellent hospitality and vibrant ambiance which they can enjoy while sipping on delectable cocktails.


What We Do

The Old Bank Dungarvan, a modern Italian restaurant

Chef David M. Larkin is at the helm of this truly unique space. A former bank, The Old Bank has an impressive history and was originally built in 1860 to serve as Dungarvan’s town hall.

The Old Bank Dungarvan is an elegant restaurant that offers its customers innovative cocktails, appetizers along with a private dining area. Experience the finest mixology in Ireland, specializing in house-made ingredients and freshly obtained local products.

Audiences can relax in the exquisitely renovated bank hall and garden room, or revel in an intimate party within one of the bank vaults whilst relishing on sumptuous signature libations. The Old Bank Dungarvan has an Italian restaurant on the ground floor, with 64 seats along with a cocktail bar and outside terrace. For the upstairs areas, it hosts a modern Irish fine dining restaurant with approximately 50 seats.


The Old Bank Dungarvan Uniqueness

— signature beverages

Cocktail bar with signature beverages created by with all homemade products

— original and authentic

Original and authentic Italian cuisines offered to the guests

— Individually curated

Individually curated menus offered during lunch, dinner and special occasions.

— fresh and categorized

The dishes are fresh and categorized as high-quality products which are easy to consume.


Our People

The Old Bank Dungarvan is a restaurant that serves its consumers high-quality exclusive cuisines with premium cocktails. The target audience for the restaurant are guests who consume premium food and have a taste for Italian cuisine.

Our Vision

To provide its guests premium quality food that is widely available in the finest restaurant in Waterford, Ireland.


Our Promise

Our Executive Head Chef David M. Larkin is passionate about locality and sustainability, and he creates his dishes with this ethos at the fore. We have access to the freshest ingredients as our restaurant Farm, Al Eile, is a stone’s throw away from our Davitt’s Quay restaurant. 


Our Character

QUALITY – Delectable

The dishes served to the guests are scrumptious and you will surely be coming back for more to the best restaurant in Dungarvan


Italian cuisine prepared with homemade ingredients in the land of the Irish. The mix of the 2 cultures will definitely give the target market an impression that they need to taste it. Italian food is known for its regional diversity that is offered with an abundance of taste and made of local ingredients while Irish cuisine is known for the quality and freshness of its ingredients and simple flavours. When merged, it is definitely a dish to die for.


Considered as high-quality and premium food The Old Bank Dungarvan is on the best fine dining restaurant in Ireland as they offers its guests the most premium quality cuisines made with the freshest locally produced ingredients.